Hiring a Clean-up Crew for Selling My Home

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Hiring a Clean-up Crew for Selling My Home

I have no way to deal with the situation myself, so I’m hiring a clean-up crew for selling my home. Sickness and death have affected our family during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it has been overwhelming. Our large, family home is too much for us. We can no longer afford it or physically maintain it.

Nobody has to tell me that we have too many personal belongings in this house. Those of us living here are well aware of the issue, but there have been circumstances preventing us from cleaning up. For one thing, all the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity stores are closed, and they are not accepting donations during this Coronavirus situation, which means we would be putting useful items others might be able to use into dumpsters.

But if we wait a couple more weeks, we should be able to call and ask for a Goodwill truck to come to our home and collect items we are donating. That makes more sense than putting useful items in a dumpster. And after making donations a clean-up crew can get busy dealing with debris in the house and the yard.

Calling Professional Home Buyers Instead of a Clean-Up Crew

Rather than calling a clean-up crew and then hiring a handyman to clean and make repairs, I could call the professional home buyers at We Pay Fast for selling my home. They hire crews to clean and remodel homes purchased as-is from homeowners like me.

As real estate investors, We Pay Fast is in the business of buying and selling homes, including houses that need attention. They aren’t overwhelmed by the how much clean-up is needed or length of how long the list of needed repairs may be. Houses like mine do not intimidate them.

So, I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] to talk about selling my home as-is, and if it works for them, I can avoid hiring a clean-up crew entirely. We Pay Fast will take care of it. And they will also take care of me by having their legal team prepare all the paperwork and schedule our closing within a week to ten days. I’ll get a check for my equity and We Pay Fast will take over all the clean-up and repair work.