Hiring A Handyman Before Selling My Home

Selling My Home

Hiring A Handyman Before Selling My Home

It looks like I may be hiring a handyman before selling my home. Friends, family members, and real estate agents have told me I need to clean up and fix up my property before listing it. I can understand what they are saying, but the primary reason I must sell it is to reduce my monthly expenses and avoid maintenance costs. 

But why would I want to spend any money on my house under the present circumstances? I would be spending money to hire a handyman and to buy the materials and supplies needed to complete several different repair projects. That could add up to hundreds of dollars that are not in my budget. Maybe I should consider selling my home “as-is” instead.

I have heard there are buyers for houses in any condition, but I need to deal with a buyer I can trust because my home is my biggest financial asset and I need to sell it fast for cash.

Selling My Home to We Pay Fast Instead

The real estate investors at We Pay Fast are an experienced group of homebuyers who purchase properties directly from sellers like me. They routinely repair and remodel homes that need some TLC, which is a good description of my home.  We Pay Fast has a handyman on speed dial!

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing info@wepayfast.com is quick and easy. If I leave a voice message or send an email, I will get a phone call reply within 24 hours. When they call me back, we will discuss my financial situation and the details about my property. The We Pay Fast investors will know right away if they are interested in making me an offer during our phone conversation.

I won’t be hiring a handyman before selling my home to We Pay Fast if we come to an agreement on the phone. I am looking forward to receiving my home equity at closing within week to ten days from my call to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807.