Holding an Open House to Sell My House

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Holding an Open House to Sell My House

I’m thinking about holding an open house to sell my home. Although it’s more common for real estate agents than for homeowners to hold open houses, it’s not necessarily clear to prospective buyers who is hosting the open house when they stop by for a visit.

Prospective buyers shop usually start their search for a new house by looking at photos online. Next, their second step may be driving by some homes they like, to get a feel for the neighborhood. If it all looks good, at that point they may want to see the interior of the home.

More often than not, they will call the phone number shown on any For Sale sign in the yard. If they see an Open House sign, they may choose to come in for a home tour.

Buyers who are already working with a real estate agent often prefer to be represented by their agent at showings and in negotiations over the terms of a purchase agreement. So, they may call their agent in advance to accompany them to my open house, too.

Are Open Houses Safe for Sellers?

Many homeowners have become hesitant to hold open houses for security reasons. Anyone can come to the door and ask to see the house, and there’s no way to know if who is seriously interested in the home and who may be looking at all the contents of the home and assessing the street value. Criminals have been known to attend open houses and return later to commit a theft.

It’s easy to see why open houses are not as common as they were in the past. For their personal safety and for home security, real estate agents and homeowners are becoming less likely to hold open houses to sell residential or commercial real estate.

Hiring a security guard is one possibility, but it’s an additional marketing expense for an agent or a homeowner. I don’t want to pay a security guard when I’m holding an open house to sell my house.

Selling Directly to A Professional Buyer

If I decide not to hold an open house, I plan to call the professional home buyers at WePayFast.com to get an offer on my house. They pay cash in as little as a week, with no showings, no commissions, no legal fees or other expenses charged to the seller. It is the fastest, easiest way to sell my house. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com