Homeschooling And Selling A Multi-Family Property

Selling A Multi-Family Property

Homeschooling And Selling A Multi-Family Property

Coronavirus led to a situation where my family started homeschooling and selling a multi-family property at the same time. It was crazy. Of course all the Coronavirus lockdowns and closings were crazy but working with several tenants to show their apartments during Covid19 lockdowns was even crazier. Here we are in 2022 and our multi-unit property is still for sale. I guess that demonstrates how successful we were.

We got offers, but no closings. The problem was buyer financing. Commercial mortgage lenders all have their own requirements, and our property is a 6-plex, which is too large for some lenders and too small for other lenders. It’s too bad we never got a cash offer on our property because then it would have sold months ago.

As it is, we are still selling a multi-family property and we are looking for a cash buyer. Having called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and spoken to one of the professional cash buyers at We Pay Fast about our property, we are encouraged about a quick, cash sale soon.

We Pay Fast Buys Multi-Family Properties

The professional real estate investors and their administrative team at We Pay Fast are experts in helping sellers who need to sell fast for cash. They have a long history of cash closings within a week to ten days from signatures on a purchase agreement. Commercial properties often take two weeks or longer because there is more verification required due to leases and income history. We have already provided all the details We Pay Fast requested, and now we’re waiting to schedule our closing date.

We Pay Fast is easy to contact and easy to communicate with, both on the phone and by email at We are very happy with the way things are going so far, and excited to close the sale and receive our equity in the property to reinvest. The We Pay Fast team is helping us meet our goal, at long last!

It looks like we are successfully homeschooling and selling a multi-family property now because we called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932).