Homeschooling While Selling My House

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Homeschooling While Selling my House

I never planned to be homeschooling while selling my house. Coronavirus has caused untold problems for people who are trying to work from home while their children are attending school at home, too. It is not easy, and I would not recommend it to a family with children of any age who must be online for their classes.

Many parents thought it would not be hard to make it through the spring of 2020 with homeschool issues, but most of us did not expect the same situation to continue in the fall of 2020 as well. I believe I speak for most parents when I say we are very tired of it. We can see the kids are not getting great value from classes on ZOOM and other video platforms and they are suffering from lack of sports and social activities with school friends.

I’m selling my house in the midst of a pandemic with children at home during the school day because I need to find a way to reduce the chaos for us all. Homeschooling is not the primary reason we are selling, but it’s the reason we absolutely need to sell our home immediately. The floorplan of this house was never going to work for us on a long-term basis.

Talking to We Pay Fast About Selling My House

After researching real estate investment companies on the web, it looks like I will be calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to talk about selling our home for fast cash. They buy and sell homes like ours regularly. It is their primary, day-to-day business, and they have been buying houses directly from homeowners for decades.

Once I talk to a We Pay Fast investor about my home and they decide it fits into their investment portfolio, we both sign the purchase agreement they provide. Following that document, they will prepare all the other paperwork needed, as well as arrange and pay for the necessary legal work. The closing will be set on my preferred schedule, which can occur in as little as a week to ten days from signing the purchase agreement.

By calling We Pay Fast, within a couple weeks I may no longer be homeschooling while selling my home. We could be in our new place and enjoying the cash equity from our home sale.