How Much Can I Sell My House For?

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How Much Can I Sell My House For?

Every homeowner is curious, wondering, “how much can I sell my house for?” Even if they have no interest in selling in the immediate future, they like to have an idea of the market value of their home.

Many factors affect the market value, such as the location and age of the house, the physical condition of the interior and exterior and the value of other houses in the neighborhood. These are common considerations, the ones most people think about when they are forming opinions about the value of their own home.

Typically, people get online and look at homes for sale in their neighborhood. They type in the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the overall size, calculated in total number of square feet. These are important criteria, but they don’t tell the whole story about any house.

The age of the furnace and air conditioner, the kitchen appliances and plumbing and electrical systems are usually not mentioned, but all these items can add or detract from a home’s value in a significant way. It’s not easy to compare homes accurately by looking at photos on the web.

The Time Factor to Sell My House

I can sell my house faster if the asking price is appealing to an interested buyer. Some people own homes in top condition in a desirable neighborhood with great schools and shopping nearby. Those homes may receive multiple offers as soon as they are listed with a real estate agent.

But most of us with average or below average homes don’t get multiple offers right away. We might be waiting months for our first offer. And that long delay of many weeks or months can cause serious hardships. Needing to sell my house in a hurry, I can’t necessarily wait for a traditional buyer to make an offer subject to their financing approval. It may take ‘way too long, and that won’t work for me.

Calling We Pay Fast to Sell My House

The professional buying specialists at We Pay Fast are very interested buyers. They consider single family homes in many locations every day, so they have the expertise and the team needed to make me an offer and close within a week or so, if my house is a fit for them.

We Pay Fast pays cash to sellers and pays all the closing costs. That means I will receive the amount they initially offer me when we close the transaction, without a series of deductions for commissions and legal fees.

Call We Pay Fast 405-521-1807 or email Either way, an investor will talk to me about how it works, if we are moving forward with an agreement for me to sell my house.