How to Get a Cash Offer to Sell a House

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How to Get a Cash Offer to Sell a House

If you’re wondering how to get a cash offer to sell a house you have three main ways to go about it: 1) luck – you can hope a cash buyer comes along and contacts you or your real estate agent; 2) auction – you can put your house up for auction and hope a cash buyer will make an offer you will accept; and 3) call a real estate investor who pays cash and closes fast.

Let’s take a look at all three ways to get a cash offer to sell a house now because they are very different, and if one way doesn’t work for you another way may work better. Let’s start with luck because it’s the most popular method if all. Most homeowners prefer luck over any other method of home sales!

It’s not really fair to say that listing with a real estate agent is counting on luck to sell your home, but that’s how it seems to many sellers who do not see any activity after signing a listing agreement. Some agents are very diligent in setting up showings and promoting their listings to other agents to show. But others do little to nothing at all. Those agents rely on luck to sell their listings, which means those sellers are relying on luck as well.

Relying on luck to get any offer is one thing but relying on luck to get a cash offer is even tougher. Counting on luck to bring you a cash offer is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Getting Cash From Auctions and Investors

Most real estate auctions are set up to allow the winning bidder to pay a portion of the cash price and then arrange to pay the remainder of the cash at a real estate closing. All the documents and all the title work must be completed immediately following the auction, giving the buyer time to get his or her cash together to close the sale.

Listing your home to sell at auction is still risky because most sellers have a reserve price which is their bottom line and they cannot sell the house for a lower price. If nobody bids at least as much as your reserve price before the auction ends, your house will not sell and you will not get your cash.

So, real estate auctions can be as risky as relying on luck to get a cash offer to sell a house.

But the investors at We Pay Fast are reliable. When you call 405-521-1807 or email you will be able to discuss your home for sale with a cash buyer. If they make you a cash offer and you accept it, the investor will provide all the forms you need to sign by email and will schedule a closing within a week to ten days.

Calling We Pay Fast may be the most reliable way for you to get a cash offer to sell a house when the time is right for you to sell.