How to Sell a House As Is

Sell a House

How to Sell a House As Is

Many homeowners believe they need to fix up their house prior to selling it. Real estate agents often suggest making repairs and completing remodeling projects so that the home shows well and brings the highest possible purchase price, and that is why sellers feel pressure to spend money on their home before selling it. They may not even consider how to sell a house as is.

Nobody can say for certain if repairing and remodeling will bring a higher purchase price. It sounds logical, but home buyers are known to make emotional decisions, not logical decisions. Buyers may not notice glaring faults such as old shingles on the roof or big cracks in the foundation because they fall in love with the backyard landscaping and the lovely sun porch with French doors.

Sooner or later, if the buyers have applied for a mortgage, there will be a property inspector writing up his findings on the property. That’s when old shingles or foundation cracks will become an issue, and perhaps influence the purchase price. Inspectors are paid to find flaws and identify potential problems and safety hazards for the buyer and the lender.

Avoiding Property Inspectors

If a buyer is paying cash for your house, they may not choose to hire a property inspector. Many people do hire inspectors, however, because they don’t trust themselves to notice all the existing and potential issues. The right to an inspection is usually written into the sales agreement and both buyer and seller must agree to a specific period during which the inspection will take place and what will happen if the buyer isn’t satisfied with inspection results.

Since there are unknown factors and the decision is completely up to the buyer and their lender, every home sale involving a property inspector is vulnerable. The sale may never close if the buyer or the lender decides to call it off over the inspection results. Sell a House

Real estate agents and investors who participate in closings to make a living will tell you they like sales agreements including the words, “as is.” That phrase indicates the buyer will accept the property in its present condition, with no inspection. Or, if they choose to have an inspection, the results cannot terminate the sales agreement.

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How to Sell a House As Is

Finding a buyer who will purchase your house “as is,” with no contingency for inspection, is not difficult. The professional buyers at We Pay Fast purchase homes, apartments and duplexes without relying on property inspectors. We write our purchase agreements “as is,” so you have no vulnerability to inspectors or inspection reports. And we pay you cash, with no real estate commission or legal fees deducted from your sale price.