How to Sell a House Now

Sell a House

How To Sell A House Now

All year I’ve been surfing and waiting for a better time, but finally I am researching how to sell a house now. I have read what real estate professionals post online, and watched the national trends in various markets, but nobody is talking about my situation. I live in a rural area and my house is not in tip-top shape. That’s the reality, so what I have to sell is not the type of property most agents are looking to list.

I get tired of looking at lovely photos of homes that are magazine-picture-perfect and reading what real estate agents post about how to stage homes for their ideal appearance in showings. Nobody is posting advice about houses that need quite a bit of repair work and significant remodeling. Honestly, I just feel left out.

Stepping into the pool of homes listed with real estate agents is intimidating to me because my house simply cannot compete with the top listings. I don’t want to trust the sale of my home to an agent who invests more time and energy into selling their more elegant, expensive listings than a house like mine.

Sell A House to We Pay Fast

Unlike real estate agents looking to get top dollar for their listings, some homeowners like me choose to sell a house to We Pay Fast instead. The experienced investors at We Pay Fast buy homes directly from homeowners without needing to employ an agent. We Pay Fast is the buyer, they are not a middleman in the transaction and they do not charge a commission.

I can call We Pay Fast homebuyers at 405-521-1807 or email them at and get a phone call in reply to my voice message or my email. I’ll hear back from them within 24 hours if I do not reach them immediately. They are professionals who treat every homeowner with respect, not based on the value of their property.

If the We Pay Fast investor determines that my house works for their portfolio, they will send a purchase agreement by email for me to sign. Our closing may be scheduled as soon as a week to ten days from signing it. They pay all the closing costs and I don’t have to do any repair work or remodeling, which is the biggest relief of all.

I think that calling or emailing We Pay Fast is the way to sell a house now, with my house and my motivation in mind. I am calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 now.