How to Sell an Outdated House

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How to Sell an Outdated House

The tendency to think far more profit can be made by bringing your house up to date before putting it up for sale is a common belief. Maybe that’s your first idea, too. Although it may work out for some homeowners, it backfires for others. There’s no guarantee your home will sell for more than you spend on repairing and remodeling it. It’s just not a sure thing in any real estate market.

Buyers Like to Choose Their Own Colors and Materials

When you originally bought your home, you may have done some remodeling. Maybe you painted the walls and replaced carpet, even if you didn’t knock down walls or re-configure the kitchen or a bathroom. If you are the first owner of the home, then you may have been involved in the many decisions it takes to finish out a house under construction.

Or, you may simply have moved into the house with big plans for future remodeling. That’s a very common scenario, too. Now it’s time to sell and there was never enough time or money to get your planned remodeling done. The house looks the same as the day you bought it, with some wear and tear as well. The carpet needs to be replaced, one toilet tank lid is cracked and there are a few screens missing on the upstairs windows.

If this sounds like your situation, you know the dilemma well – do you invest money to update the house before trying to sell it, or do you look for a buyer who wants the house just the way it is?

Make a Different Decision to Sell an Outdated House

Finding a buyer for your outdated home is not difficult. Once you do the math and consider how much you’d need to spend on making repairs and remodeling, you can understand that somebody will be making those repairs and updates in the future. Your challenge is to find someone who is looking for a home like yours to purchase and improve.

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