I Need to Sell My House Yesterday

need to sell my house fast

I Need to Sell My House Yesterday

It’s hard to admit I’ve let my finances get so far gone, but cash goes out of my account like a runaway train these days. I need to get some fast cash more than I need to keep my home. There are other places I can live now.

This house worked out well when I was married with a family, but the kids grew up and moved away, and then came the divorce.  Looking back, I can see we should have sold this house in our divorce settlement, but I wanted to keep it. Now I’m feeling sorry about that decision because it was more than I could handle financially.

Taxes, insurance and maintenance have taken a huge toll on my bank account and my credit cards. That’s why I need to sell my house now, to get out of debt.

Can I Sell My House in One Day?

I’ve been through the house-buying process more than once in my life, so I know it’s impossible to close a sale transaction on a house in one day. There are many steps in the process, starting with a property inspection, followed by the seller proving they have clear title to the property and finishing up with the buyer getting mortgage loan approval.

But I wonder if I could find a buyer in just one day. Friends told me about real estate investors they know who make offers and close transactions quickly, so I’m thinking I need a buyer like that. The trick is finding one who wants to purchase my home immediately, so I’ll have cash in my bank account within the next two weeks. That’s my goal.

Call the Buying Specialists

We Pay Fast is a company of experienced real estate investors. They are buying specialists who make offers on homes that fit their investment portfolio, and they are prepared to close quickly whenever a seller accepts their offer.

When I call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] I’ll speak to one of their professional buyers or get a call back within 24 hours. I can count on that. Then, if they are interested in buying my home, they provide all the paperwork and legal work so there will be no costs charged to me at closing.