Is A Property Disclosure Required to Sell My House For Cash?

Is a Property Disclosure Required to Sell My House For Cash?

I heard that a Seller’s Property Disclosure form is required to sell my house for cash. This common requirement applies to homes listed and sold through real estate agents and to homes sold “by owner.” If I sell my property through an agent, I must complete a property disclosure form at some point prior to closing the sale.

Generally, a property disclosure form is made available to anyone who looks at homes for sale, regardless of whether they intend to pay cash or obtain financing. My goal is to find a cash buyer and to avoid waiting several weeks for a traditional buyer to get mortgage financing approval. I would love to find a cash buyer who is not concerned about seeing a property disclosure form because my house has a few issues needing repair.


After researching this question, it appears I can sell my house for cash if the buyer waives their right to receipt of a disclosure form. Real estate investors who buy homes “as is” may agree to sign a waiver instead of receiving a seller’s disclosure form from me.

Any cash buyer can choose to sign a waiver, but professional home buyers are more likely to do it. We Pay Fast home buyers are familiar with signing a waiver instead of receiving a seller’s disclosure form. They have decades of experience buying and selling homes like mine, meaning homes needing some repairs and TLC, so they have worked with many sellers preferring not to sign disclosure forms.

We Pay Fast investors are available at 405-521-1807 or by email at A property disclosure form may not be required if I sell my house to We Pay Fast for cash. The closing could be scheduled within a week to ten days and I may have my home sold with no closing costs or legal fees deducted from my equity.