Is A Title Company Required to Sell My Home Online?

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Is a Title Company Required to Sell My Home Online?

I want to cut out all unnecessary expenses, so I’m wondering if a title company is required to sell my house online. If I post on and other websites catering to home buyers, can I avoid using and paying a title company to close my home sale?

The answer might depend on my geographic location to some extent because real estate laws and customs vary from state to state. But in general, what I’ve learned is that the typical legal work done as part of a closing determines if the present owner has clear title to the particular property involved. And, in addition, many states require title insurance on the property to guarantee clear title if flaws in legal work show up in the future.

Finding a buyer online does not excuse me from needing the services of a title company to close a home sale. What happens after the buyer and seller sign a purchase agreement, also called a sales contract, is the legal work done by a title company associated with an attorney.

What Is an Escrow Agent?

An escrow company and the agents it employs may be involved, too, if I sell my home online. The agent is a person who accumulates all the documents required from both the buyer and the seller and makes certain everything is in order and all requirements are met.

In local areas where use of escrow agents is the norm, it’s not a good idea to avoid them. Maybe my real question should be, “who pays for the title company and escrow agent when I sell my home?” In an effort to reduce my own closing costs, I am thinking about off-loading all these expenses to my buyer at closing. That’s what I want to do. It’s my real goal.

We Pay Fast Pays All Closing Costs

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We Pay Fast makes offers that include all closing costs, so the seller pays none of the expenses of closing. So, the sale price the We Pay Fast investor and I agree upon is the amount of cash I receive within a week or so at closing. Selling my home to We Pay Fast frees me from paying the title company or the escrow agent, so it sounds better to me than selling my home online. Call 405-521-1807 or email