Is It Safe To Sell My Home?

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Is it Safe to Sell My Home?

In the tumultuous times in our country right now I am wondering if it’s safe to sell my home. I am thinking about many aspects of listing and selling real estate on the open market. Listing my property for sale with a real estate agent means it will be public knowledge my house is for sale. Assuming the agent puts up a For Sale sign, it will be even more obvious.

Does listing my home make it a target in any way? Does the legal listing agreement place obligations on the agent and on me to show the house to anybody who wants to see it?  That is my main concern. A listing with photos online is one thing, meaning photos of the interior and exterior of the house that can be seen by anyone with an internet connection. But opening my door to complete strangers I do not know personally is another thing entirely.

How do I know if the person who identifies himself or herself as the agent is really a licensed agent? How do I know if their client is really a qualified buyer looking for a house to purchase? How could I tell the difference between a qualified buyer and a sophisticated criminal who is getting inside the house to see what might be easily accessible to steal? Would I know a homebuyer from a thief?

These questions bother me very much. I don’t know the answers, and I cannot find anyone to help me get the answers. It would be wonderful if I could trust a business card with an agent’s photo on it. But I don’t trust that either. It’s too easy to have fake cards printed just to fool homeowners.

Calling We Pay Fast is Safe

One thing I can do, one thing that feels safe to me is calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807. I can call or I can email [email protected] to speak to real estate investors who buy homes quickly and pay cash with no closing costs charges to the seller. It’s fast and easy, and it does not involve listing or showing my home to strangers over and over.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors who have a long track record of buying and selling homes. They understand my hesitation to list a house on the open market today, and they are prepared to draft all the documents and take care of all the legal work to close a sale within a week to ten days. I believe that We Pay Fast may be one way to sell my home safely.