Is it Too Late to Sell My House?

best way to sell my house fast

Is it Too Late to Sell My House?

My house is the only asset I own to generate any significant cash, and I need cash in a hurry.

There is no way I can put it on the local multiple listing service through a real estate agent. I know how long it takes to sell houses that way because I watch when homes are listed and when they sell. I have been watching how long it takes them to sell in my area because I’ve had a feeling that I might have to sell my house someday soon.

Well, today is the day I’ve been dreading. I need to find a buyer who can close fast for cash. It looks like I waited too long to put it on the open market, so now I need to call a professional real estate investor who buys houses directly from the homeowner.

Sell a House Fast with We Pay Fast

The professional real estate investors at We Pay Fast are buying specialists. They buy homes in Dallas, Texas and all over the country. If they are interested in my home and we make an agreement, I should have my cash at closing within a week to ten days. That’s fast. That’s what I need, fast cash.

I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at Another way to reach them is the chat feature on  Within 24 hours I’ll hear back from a professional buyer and we can discuss my home for sale. They will let me know if they are interested, and if so, they will ask me how soon the house can be vacant and ready for closing.

If I can get my house ready, We Pay Fast is usually prepared to close in a few days, paying me the amount they offered, with no deductions for commissions or legal expenses. They pick up all the closing costs.