It’s a New Year for Selling My Home

selling my home

It’s a New Year for Selling My Home

I spent a lot of time thinking about selling my home last year. But thinking did not get it sold. Now is the time for me to get into motion because it’s a new year and a new decade for selling my home and moving on with my life.

It’s easy to get attached to a house when there are lots of good memories associated with it. Keeping the house is like keeping the memories alive. But I could take a few interior photos and look at them whenever I want to jog my memory instead of keeping a house I no longer need, just for sentimental reasons.

The sooner I sell in the new year the fewer property taxes I will owe. And it will be another boost to my budget to drop the homeowners’ insurance on it as well. Taxes and insurance represent several hundred dollars a month I won’t need to spend once my house is sold. That extra money will help me pay other important monthly expenses now.

Selling a House in Winter

Some prospective home buyers like to move in the summer because it’s convenient for children changing schools. But there are plenty of buyers who don’t need to accommodate school-age children. They shop for a new home year-round until they make an offer, close the transaction and move into the one they choose.

Selling a house in winter is not the most popular time of year, but there are always some people in the market. In fact, some people make a point to look at homes for sale in the fall and winter because they think the prices will be lower than during the spring and summer.

And finally, there are buyers who buy and sell houses as their business. They are professional property investors who are always looking for homes to buy. The best way to sell early in the new year is to call the real estate investors at We Pay Fast because they can close within a week to ten days.

We Pay Fast pays all the costs of closing the sale, so I will not be charged for commissions or fees.  When one of their professional buyers makes me an offer and I accept it, that’s how much money I will receive at closing. There are no surprise costs or deductions from my sale price.

Call 405-521-1807 or email to get a call back. It’s a new year for selling my home!