Just Email To Sell A Warehouse For Cash

Sell A Warehouse For Cash

Just Email To Sell A Warehouse For Cash

Is it possible to just email to sell a warehouse for cash? Three years ago nobody would have believed it. Since the pandemic it has become commonplace to conduct business meetings and negotiations by text message, email, and videoconference. It’s no longer required to meet in person for many real estate showings and communications.

Commercial real estate sales are more complicated than home sales, which often begin with a series of photos posted online. A warehouse might be marketed with a video instead of photos. Creating that video might involve several people and hundreds or thousands of dollars to complete. Not every seller of commercial property wants to spend the money on a classy video presentation of their building, or override security concerns about posting it online.

Email We Pay Fast To Sell a Warehouse

The professional commercial property buyers at We Pay Fast respond within 24 hours to emails sent to info@wepayfast.com.  They call back to discuss properties for sale, and if interested, will request financial information by email. We Pay Fast is able to pay cash and close fast. Working with them is fast and easy, and best of all it is discreet. No photos or videos must be posted online and no commercial real estate brokers will be entering the property for showings.

We Pay Fast does their own analysis and responds quickly to sellers’ questions. If buyer and seller come to an agreement on price and closing date, the sale could close in less than a month from signing documents by email.

Reach out to We Pay Fast by phone at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or just email to sell a warehouse for cash. Calling or sending an email to info@wepayfast.com will result in a phone call back from a qualified, cash buyer in one day or less.