Landscaping Before Selling My Home

Selling My Home

Landscaping Before Selling My Home

The front yard is the first thing homebuyers see when they drive by or when they see photos online. If they don’t get a good first impression of the house and yard, they may lose interest in it. That’s why I’m thinking about landscaping before selling my home.

It might seem strange to spend time and money fixing up the front yard before putting my house on the market, but I’ve heard it’s critical. Long before listing with an agent who will take photos, or before taking photos to sell the house myself, I need to take a hard look at the landscaping. Is it outdated? Is it neat and trim? Is it attractive to potential buyers right now?

Professional or DIY Landscaping?

I can’t see my front yard landscape the same way other people see it because I have memories of my family there. When you live in a house it’s easy to focus on the people, pets and activities more than the trees, bushes, plants and flowers. I went out in the street and took photos of the landscaping so I could see it from the road and get another perspective.

From the photos I could see my front yard needs some work. I sat down and drew a picture of how it might look with different bushes planted near the house. Replacing the bushes could make a big difference in the appearance of the house and yard.

Then I priced replacement bushes and thought about how I would remove the large, existing bushes. If I undertake the landscaping project myself, I’ll still need to rent equipment to remove the old bushes before replanting.

Professional landscapers have all the equipment they need to do the job. I’ve asked for three bids on the job and it will cost me close to $1000.00 to remove and replant bushes in the front of my house.

Rethinking My Landscaping Project

The cost of professional landscapers and the back-breaking work of doing the job myself has given me pause to think. Maybe I should reconsider landscaping before selling my home. It’s not a necessity and it may not add $1000 to the sale price, even though the house and yard look much better.

There’s no guarantee I could get a higher price when I sell my house, and I have no idea how long it will take to attract a buyer and to close a transaction.

I’m rethinking the whole idea of fixing up my house, inside and outside. I know the professional buyers at We Pay Fast will make me an offer quickly. If they are interested in buying my house and I agree to their offer, my house may be sold within a week. I won’t have to think about paying landscapers at all.

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