Landscaping Issues Forcing My House Sale

My House Sale

Landscaping Issues Forcing My House Sale

Landscaping issues are forcing my house sale because I had to move away last year. During the pandemic I lost my job, as did millions of other people. Fortunately, I found a job within a few weeks, but it is located several hours away from the house I own.

For the first few months I rented my house to some family members. But they turned out to be problem tenants, messy and unresponsive to my calls and texts. Finally I got them to leave, and my house has been vacant since then.

No yardwork has been done by the tenants or after they left. The lawn is overgrown, and some hedges are starting to block the driveway. I never have time to do the work myself and hiring a landscaping company is far too expensive, especially now that the lawn and the bushes are so far gone. I simply want to sell my house and get rid of the landscaping issues.

We Pay Fast Buys Homes With Landscaping Issues

I found out about We Pay Fast, a team of investors who buy property directly from the owners. They have a crew to take care of landscaping issues and I am happy about that! Calling We Pay Fast 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing may be the solution to my absentee owner problem. I am not moving back into my house, and it needs to be sold for fast cash soon.

We Pay Fast picks up all the closing costs and often closes their real estate transactions within a week to ten days from signatures on a purchase agreement. Once we are talking on the phone, a We Pay Fast investor will know whether my property works for them. If so, I may receive an offer on my house immediately, while we are on the phone.

The landscaping issues forcing my house sale are not intimidating to We Pay Fast investors. I am calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to speak to an investor within 24 hours.