Looking For A Quote To Sell My Property

Sell My Property

Looking For A Quote To Sell My Property

I have spent many hours looking for a quote to sell my property. There are more investors buying single family homes than those buying commercial properties. What I have for sale is a small retail complex. It has five storefronts, none of them over 1000 square feet in size. So, it’s not a large property.

My goal is to avoid listing it with a commercial broker because that process can be time consuming and expensive. I’d like to find a buyer on my own and arrange for a closing date that works for my schedule. Plans to travel out of the country are motivating me to sell my property quickly, if possible.

Some websites I explored ask for a of detailed, financial data. I’m not interested in providing that information to a nameless, faceless, web form, having no idea who is going to receive the information. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’d rather do business on the phone, especially when there are financial details involved.

Get A Quote From We Pay Fast

One company looks promising to me. It’s We Pay Fast, a team of professional investors purchasing both residential and commercial properties directly from the property owners. They are not agents looking to list properties for sale. They are investors who are the buyers in their transactions, not agents representing buyers.

We Pay Fast may be a good fit for me right now because they pay cash and close fast. They do not apply for mortgage loans to close on any properties, which means they can often close in two weeks’ time from signatures on the purchase agreement.

I may be able to stop looking for a quote to sell my property as soon as I call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and get a quote from the We Pay Fast team of investors.