Looking for a Simple Contract to Sell My House Fast

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Looking for a Simple Contract to Sell My House Fast

I inherited a house from my grandparents, and it makes sense to sell it now. It’s not located in the town where I presently live and work, so I need a simple contract to sell my house fast, hopefully for cash. Faxing stacks of legal-sized papers and struggling with e-signatures online is too much trouble for me. I just want a simple sale without all that hassle.

Working with a real estate agent means signing complicated listing agreements upfront, and purchase agreements when a buyer comes along. I have experienced all these documents more than once, and I’ve talked to plenty of other homeowners who remember having document overwhelm, too.  It seems that everyone would prefer a simple contract.

One of my friends mentioned that real estate investors use very simple purchase agreements. The one she signed when she sold her house was only one page. That sounds good to me!

Necessary Real Estate Documents

My friend showed me her simple purchase agreement and I noticed it contained her name as the seller, the name of the buyer and the street address of the property, as well as the legal description of it.

The legal description used to create a deed, which is the most important legal document in a home sale transaction. Legal ownership passes from one person to another when the deed is created, signed by the seller and filed with the county where the property is located. Deeds are often only one page long.

A purchase agreement must be signed by the seller and buyer, and it also needs to show the selling price, the date it was signed and a projected date in the future when closing will occur. Closing is the exact date when the seller receives cash for their home and the buyer receives the new deed in their name. The sale is final at closing and the transaction is complete.

Multi-page purchase agreements used by real estate agents and attorneys cover many additional details, such as financing, items to stay with the home and what happens if either the buyer or seller refuses to go forward with the sale.

Investors Offer Simple Purchase Agreements

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast provide a simple purchase agreement when they are interested in purchasing a home. The seller can look forward to signing a short form and closing within a week to ten days, receiving their full purchase price with no commissions, legal fees or expenses deducted from it at closing.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com to get a call back from one of the professional buyers. I was looking for a simple contract to sell my house fast and I found it at We Pay Fast!