Looking for Millennials to Sell a Home?

Sell a Home

Looking for Millennials to Sell a Home?

Are you looking for a nice, young couple to come along and buy your home so that you can move on with your life? Millennials are most likely to be buying starter homes now, and for a variety of reasons they are not always eager to become homeowners.

In many parts of the country the cost of houses is so high it drives younger people out of the market. They have not been able to save enough money for a down payment and they are intimidated with high property taxes and insurance premiums as we ll as large mortgage payments.

The cost of housing in many parts of the country is escalating, including rental properties. Millennials are faced with spending increasingly more on rent each month, while attempting to save money to buy a house someday.

If their parents have the means to provide money for a down payment, and they are willing to help, that can make all the difference for single or married young homebuyers.

Student Loan Payments Add to The Problem

Not only are the costs of housing spiraling upward each year, but so is college tuition. Millennials may be in college or have recently graduated from college. They are the most likely segment of the population to have monthly student loan payments.

All these factors add up to a smaller market when you’re looking for Millennials to sell a home.  If you need to sell and move on with your life, you may want to consider an alternative to the traditional real estate market. You may want to contact a professional buyer directly.

Avoid Selling a Starter Home to Millennials

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