Making the Decision to Sell a House

Sell a House

Making the Decision to Sell A House

Making the decision to sell a house for your own reasons can be difficult. You might not want to explain your thoughts and feelings about it, and you may be dreading the thought of dealing with other peoples’ helpful advice.

Coming to a decision is easier if nobody else is involved in it because you are the sole owner. If you don’t own the house jointly with one or more other people who have a legal right to be involved in a sale you don’t have to consult anyone.

It can be intimidating to face serious decisions alone. Most of us like to discuss our options with other people we trust, especially before making a big financial decision like selling a house. But the flipside of involving other people in your decision making is hearing resistance or criticism when their opinions don’t agree with yours.

List the Pros and Cons Before Deciding

You might consider using the time-honored method of dividing a sheet of paper (or a digital document) into two columns and listing the Pros in one column and the Cons in the other column. If stress and pressure are making it hard to think clearly about your decision to sell a house it could be an ideal way to sort out the facts.

The problem with lists of Pros and Cons is that most of us tend to look at which list is longer and overlook the weight we are giving to each item on the list. For example, a deep desire to move away as quickly as possible might far outweigh the logical thought of taking your time to list and sell your home fast for the best price, and patiently wait for that sale to occur.

Another method involving two columns and two lists is a Risks and Rewards analysis. This one takes into consideration the fact that some bullet points carry more weight than others. Using the example above, moving quickly would be written in the Rewards column and waiting for the best sale price would be written in the Risks column.

Sell Your Home and Move Quickly

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