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We Are Experienced Mineral Rights Buyers with Serious Buying Power

If you own mineral rights, and you want cash to grow your business, retire, travel, or pay off debt, we can help. Turn your monthly royalty into a lump sum check. 1-800-WePayFast can make that happen quickly.

We Pay Fast buys Mineral Rights, producing or not.

We know the traditional way of selling oil and gas mineral rights or royalties is a complex process. We are here to take stress out of the process, and make it a fast and straightforward experience.

  • We always make rapid offers
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We are experienced mineral rights buyers in this market, and we strive to make the process quick and easy so you can get the cash you need.

We Pay Fast will quickly evaluate your opportunity. Our team of experts and partners at all levels of the sales process quickly perform all critical stages of mineral acquisition.

Reasons for Selling:

Liquidation of assets: You want to liquidate property fast, efficiently to realize your dreams or reinvest in a new venture.

Market uncertainties: Since royalties are based on depleting natural resources and not appreciating financial assets, or you may simply want to get out of a business that faces rising environmental and political pressure and regulations.

Maintenance and ownership responsibilities: The sale of mineral rights will eliminate the necessary maintenance of depletion schedules, division order files and property tax records.

Capital gains: By selling your mineral rights, you may qualify to record the income as a capital gain, possibly subject to a lower federal tax rate. Talk to your tax professional about the tax benefits of selling your mineral rights.

Debt Reduction: Selling mineral assets can provide a quick and easy way to pay off debt – be it high interest credit cards, mortgages, or bank loans.Sell Your House for Cash

Split Interests: As mineral rights are passed on from generation to generation they become increasingly divided, bringing less financial benefit to the heirs.

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