Motivation for Selling My Home

Selling My Home

Motivation for Selling My Home

If I ever needed motivation for selling my home, I got it this week. The 2020 election and the Coronavirus pandemic have come together and created a dangerous financial situation for me. If I thought there was plenty of time to make the decision to sell my home, now I realize there is no time to waste.

My neighborhood has changed over the years I have owned my home. Times change, as we all know, but in the last few years the changes have sometimes turned neighbor against neighbor in unfortunate ways. Economic pressure from job losses and business closings give rise to strong opinions and divisive, political conditions.

I am just one of many people who kept thinking the virus would disappear and the economy would recover. But we were all wrong. Many homeowners are feeling motivated to sell their homes to get relief from mortgage payments, property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, and maintenance expenses. Those are certainly the reasons I am motivated to sell my home now.

We Pay Fast Is Buying Homes Now

Rather than listing with an agent and waiting for an interested buyer to make an offer and get approved for mortgage financing, I am calling We Pay Fast about a quick, cash sale instead. The professional buyers at We Pay Fast are equipped to make offers directly to sellers over the phone. They will ask questions about my property and if it works for them, make me an offer on it.

When we come to an agreement, We Pay Fast sends all the necessary real estate forms to the seller by email. And in addition, they set a closing date based on the seller’s preferred time frame. We Pay Fast is buying homes like mine in cities all over the country right now, so they are interested in hearing about my home for sale, too.

I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at to speak to a professional homebuyer. Part of my motivation for selling my home now is the ease and speed of a home sale to We Pay Fast. They make it quick and easy for sellers to get the cash they need to move now.