Must Sell My Home Due To Neighbors

Must Sell My Home Due To Neighbors

Must Sell My Home Due To Neighbors

I am not happy to say I must sell my home due to neighbors. Maybe somebody else who moves into this place will get along with them, but there is no hope for me at this point. I have tried talking to them, not talking to them, having my lawyer send letters to them, and having the city send notices. So far, nothing has worked.

My neighbors and I are not compatible because they have five dogs and one or more of their dogs is constantly having puppies. There is no municipal ordinance against having or raising dogs in our neighborhood. This fact is my problem. If my neighbors were breaking a law of some kind, then I would have some rights in this matter. But as it is, I have no rights. The whining and barking never stops. And the stench of all the animal droppings is even worse.

Perhaps more concerning than the dogs is the fact that my neighbors also have five children who play in the yard as well. Children playing in their own yard is not inappropriate, but when the yard is also full of yipping, barking dogs, it becomes a problem.

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