Must Sell My House To Take Another Job

sell my house for cash fast

Must Sell My House to Take Another Job

Losing my job during the current health crisis means I must sell my house to take another job. The good news is that I have a job offer, and it’s more money that I was earning in my previous job.  That fact is a bit of good news of the constant, ongoing bad news these days.

I need to sell my house in a big hurry because I agreed to report for work in two weeks. That’s cutting it ‘way too close for listing with an agent. The typical closing process through a listing and a selling agent is at least a month, or longer for many buyers applying for mortgage loans.

No, I need a buyer immediately. There’s no doubt about that. And I need a buyer who can make the decision to buy based on having the cash to close the sale transaction quickly, without applying for a mortgage or any other kind of loan.

Finding Cash Real Estate Buyers

Finding the type of home buyer I’m looking for, and finding them immediately, limits my search to professional real estate investors who pay cash and close quickly. I haven’t got time to check out locals or to send emails to online-only real estate companies. Those options are faster than the traditional method of contacting an agent who lists homes on the local multiple listing service, but they still take too long for me.

After checking them out, it looks like We Pay Fast is the team I need to help me get cash quickly for the equity in my house now.  The professional buyers at We Pay Fast have many years’ experience buying and selling homes, so their system is clear and well-organized. I will know in advance what to expect once we talk on the phone and they choose to make me an offer on the house.

Since I need to close the sale and move as soon as possible, We Pay Fast works with their legal team to complete the paperwork for me to sign and then close within a week to ten days.

By calling 405-521-1807 or emailing I can reach We Pay Fast 24/7 and receive a call back within 24 hours. It’s good to know who to contact to sell my house to take another job now.