Must Sell My House With No Home Office

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Must Sell My House With No Home Office

We had a problem when our family was on lockdown, so now I must sell my house with no home office.  The last two years with Covid19 and its variants affecting schools and places of business have changed us all. Now we must plan ahead for any eventuality, including more lockdowns.

When my wife and I were commuting to our jobs each weekday, before the pandemic began two years ago, the size and setup of our house worked out well for us. But we have learned a lot about our work habits and individual needs for space and for quiet meetings online. Two separate home offices are not luxury, they are a necessity now. That is why I must sell my house with no home office.

The Coronavirus pandemic changed our work schedules, routines, and workspace requirements. And it’s not just my wife and I who have had to make adjustments. Our children have experienced many days of attending classes online as well. They could set up in their rooms, fortunately, so of course our new house will need to provide them with their own bedrooms.

Sell My House To We Pay Fast Now

We have located a house with enough bedrooms and a workable setup for two home offices. Our real estate agent says it will not last long, so we have made an offer on it that the seller accepted. Now we are in a bind to sell our present house fast and purchase the new one.

A quick, cash sale of our existing home is critical for us to be able to close the purchase of our new home. We need a buyer who can pay cash and close fast. And our real estate agent cannot promise to bring us the buyer we need on such a short time frame. Our agent is the one who referred us to We Pay Fast, a team of real estate investors who pay cash and close their purchase transactions within a week to ten days from signatures on a sales agreement.

So, we called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and spoke to a professional investor about our home for sale. Their team has many years of experience buying directly from homeowners like us. If We Pay Fast decides to buy our house, they pay all the closing costs and legal fees. When the We Pay Fast team makes us an offer over the phone and we accept it, that’s how much we can expect to receive at closing, minus our outstanding mortgage balance payoff.

I am looking forward to working with the team at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), since I must sell my house with no home office.