Must Sell My Vacation Home Fast

sell my home fast for cash

Must Sell My Vacation Home Fast

Doing my end-of-year accounting has shown me that I must sell my vacation home fast. It was always a luxury, but now it is an expensive burden weighing me down. I could find some tenants and collect monthly rent instead, but the risk of damage and unpaid rent is too great. Selling my vacation home has become a priority in 2021.

Friends are fond of telling me I could list it with one of the popular vacation home services and rent it out for a few days at a time to produce monthly income. This idea sounds good in theory, but it will not work for me in practice. I need to eliminate the maintenance, insurance and property taxes now. Those costs of ownership are not paid by any tenant, whether they have a lease for a year or for one night.

We Pay Fast Buys Vacation Homes

I have made a decision. For me, there is too much cost and risk involved with both short-term and annual leases on my vacation property. That is why I plan to call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email for a quick, easy way to sell within a week to ten days from signing a purchase agreement.

My vacation home is already empty, except for some inexpensive furniture I do not want to keep. It will be easy to prepare to sell it to We Pay Fast when we agree on price and a closing date during our phone conversation. Contacting We Pay Fast may be my smartest next step, since I need to sell my vacation home fast