My Kids Made Me Sell My Property Fast For Cash

Sell My Property Fast For Cash

My Kids Made Me Sell My Property Fast For Cash

I love them, but I am not happy that my kids made me sell my property fast for cash. Oh, they are doing the right thing for our family, but I really do not want to move. I love my house because it is all fixed up just the way I like it. The yard and the inside of the house are adorable, if I do say so myself.

The problem is the steps. They are too steep for me, and we cannot fix that problem, unfortunately. I am not exactly old and feeble, but I live alone, and my kids do not want to worry about me going up and down steps at all. They want me to live in the single-level townhome they found and want me to buy.

The only way I can buy it and make my kids happy is to sell my property fast and get my home equity to use as a down payment on the new place. I know what I need to do, but I have hesitated to do it… did I say I love my house I own now?

Selling A House To We Pay Fast

Fortunately, my kids found the professional buyers at We Pay Fast. They do not care how many steps my house has because they are not my kids, but they are very familiar with the reason my kids want me to sell now. We Pay Fast has been purchasing real estate from homeowners for a long time, so they have heard and seen nearly every possible reason a homeowner may have for choosing to sell for fast cash.

I am closing my home sale with We Pay Fast (and they are paying all the closing costs) the same day I am closing the purchase of my new townhome. My kids are helping me move all my treasured possessions and that will be that. It is all happening so fast! Selling a house for fast cash to We Pay Fast is working out for all of us.

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