Need A Clean-up Crew To Sell A Building?

Sell A Building

Need A Clean-up Crew To Sell A Building?

You moved out or your last tenants moved out and now you need a clean-up crew to sell a building, right? The leftover debris is disgusting. Maybe you had employees who were supposed to take care of it, but they had no motivation because their jobs were coming to an end.

Or maybe the same situation existed for your building tenants when they had to surrender the premises “as is,” at the end of their lease terms. Or perhaps you had tenants who vacated without notice, leaving no working phone number or forwarding address. That unfortunate situation is not uncommon.

Whatever the circumstances may be, it looks like you’ll never be able to sell the building without hiring and supervising a clean-up crew to make it presentable for showing to prospective buyers. That is a logical conclusion, but it may not be your only option.

We Pay Fast Buys Buildings As Is

Professionals see the value in commercial properties in their present condition. You may be able to sell your building as is by contacting the professional real estate buyers at We Pay Fast. They are looking for buildings in every state, and your building may be of interest to them.

We Pay Fast arranges for all the sale and closing documents. They pick up all the closing costs involved in their transactions, and they pay cash and close fast. Making a call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or sending an email to puts you in touch with the We Pay Fast team of professional investors. Either way you will receive a call back within 24 hours and that’s when you can discuss your building for sale.

Call We Pay Fast instead of a clean-up crew or any repair services you may also need. They take care of all the work that needs to be done after closing the sale with you, paying you the full sale price minus any outstanding mortgage balance.

1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) is the phone number to call when you want to avoid hiring a clean-up crew to sell a building.