Need A Home Sale ASAP!

Need A Home Sale

Need A Home Sale ASAP!

I need a home sale ASAP, with no alternatives available. Meaning, there’s no option for renting the house instead of selling it, and there is no option for keeping the house. Selling fast for cash is the best situation for us now.

Moving out of the U.S. is a big undertaking. It is something we planned to do eventually, but not immediately. When we discovered we must move within 30 days it changed our timeline and put us into high gear with all our preparations. Selling our home has become the highest priority because it is likely to take longer than any of our other preparations.

Not only must we sell the house but also all the furniture and housewares we own. This fact made me wonder if there might be a fast, cash buyer for the house with all the contents in it. Looking around, I found the team at We Pay Fast often purchases both the house and its contents directly from motivated sellers like me.

Make A Home Sale to We Pay Fast

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and speaking to a professional homebuyer may be the fastest and best way for us to sell our house now. The We Pay Fast team returns calls within 24 hours and also calls sellers who reach out by email at and by web contact form. I am looking forward to speaking with them in the next few hours.

We Pay Fast provides the purchase documents, sets up the closing with a title or escrow company, and pays all the closing costs and legal fees for each transaction. That certainly makes it easy for the seller! I need a home sale ASAP so I am calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and looking forward to making it happen!