Need to Sell a House Before Winter?

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Need to Sell a House Before Winter?

In many parts of the United States typical utility bills are higher in the winter than in the spring, summer and fall. Cold weather may bring below-zero temperatures, which keeps gas and electric heating systems running most of the time. If you need to avoid big heating bills you might need to sell a house before winter.

But there’s a problem if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market with a real estate agent. Agents like to prepare for the many families moving during the summer, so they accumulate listings in the spring and early summer to allow buyers time to close a sale transaction and move before school starts.

Buyers who don’t live with school age children may not be concerned about finding a new home during the summer, but they often prefer to move into their new home before the weather turns inclement.

Alternatives to Putting Your House on the Market

If you are watching the temperatures drop heating bills climb, you may be looking to sell a house before winter. You could schedule an auction on a certain day and know your house will sell that day, assuming a buyer shows up that is willing to pay your reserve price, at the very least.  Auctions can be a good way to sell residential property on your chosen schedule, but you won’t know how much money you get, after selling expenses, until after the sale occurs.

Another alternative to listing with a real estate agent is selling directly to a real estate investor. Investors do not list your house for showing to other buyers. Investors are buyers. They look at your home to decide if they want to buy it. Investors may keep these homes as rental property or sell them for a profit. Sometimes investors invest additional money into the property after they purchase it.

Unlike real estate agents, investors won’t expect you to make improvements or remove many of your belongings before they look at it. They have plenty of experience looking at residential properties, so they can easily see what’s going to work for them and what will not work for them. If your house fits the format they are looking for, you may get an offer right on the spot. If not, they will do their calculations and call you later.

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