Need to Sell a Vacation Home Now?

need to sell my home fast

Need to Sell a Vacation Home Now?

Are you thinking you need to sell a vacation home now? Is it weighing on your mind these days, especially when we’re being advised not to leave the house for more than a week at a time? Will there be a good market for vacation homes this year?

If you have one or more vacation homes and don’t want to leave them vacant, it may be time to consider selling. If your usual lifestyle involves traveling from one home to another, meaning you spend significant time living in each house during the year, you may have a second home, not a vacation home.

The IRS requires a second home to be 100 miles or less from the owner’s personal residence, and the second home cannot generate rental income.

The IRS also provides specific guidelines to determine whether a house is classified as a rental property or a personal vacation home, and possibly both, calculated on the percentage of time the property owner lives in the home in a calendar year.

Sell a Vacation Home for Tax Reasons or Personal Reasons

So, no matter what your reason may be, you may need to sell a vacation home quickly. It might solve your tax issues, or it might bring in cash you need for another purpose. But you know that now is the time to sell.

Listing with a local, regional or national vacation home broker are some of your options for finding a qualified buyer. But those options all involve paying a real estate commission and waiting for a buyer to discover the property, usually online.

Having a vacation home is a luxury, and this is not the best time for selling luxury items. Of course, a buyer might be interested in your vacation home to use as their primary residence, but once again, they would probably find it listed online with your agent.

Finding your own buyer can be the fastest, most economical choice. How can you find a buyer for your vacation home now?

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