Need to Sell My House Fast After a Fire

need to sell my house fast

Need to Sell My House Fast After a Fire

Now that the dust has settled, I know I need to sell my house fast after a fire. It’s been a couple weeks since the fire chief and insurance investigators have seen the damage and written their reports. Now we have been cleared to sell the property or to hire a restoration company and start the recovery process.

We do not have the patience to wait for our house to have the fire and smoke damage cleaned up, and then to start getting bids on remodeling the kitchen and laundry room where the fire started. The Covid19 pandemic has taken its toll on our patience and our finances, so I simply need to sell my house fast and get on with life in a different home.

This decision may not be the best for our finances, but it is the best decision for our sanity. Living in a motel for weeks while the restoration and remodeling crews are at work in the house is not going to work for my family. The whole world has been dealing with the frustrating Coronavirus pandemic, which includes us. Dealing with the aftermath of the fire has been another big stress, and the cleaning and remodeling will be yet another disruptive phase. It’s just too much for us to handle.

Sell Fast to We Pay Fast

The fastest way to find a buyer for a fire-damaged home is to call a real estate investor with the resources and experience needed. Buying an investment property requiring the services of skilled restoration professionals is not a suitable project for the average, traditional buyer. And it is not the type of property a mortgage company will choose to fund.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors with resources and experience to handle fire-damaged homes. They purchase residential property directly from homeowners who need to sell fast, including fire-damaged homes that fit their requirements.

I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email for more information. I will get a call back from an investor if I leave a voice message or send an email. If they are interested, We Pay Fast provides all the documents and sets up all the legal services for closing the sale. Since I need to sell my house fast after a fire, I could have my cash within a week to ten days after calling We Pay Fast investors, allowing us to move into a different home now.