Need to Sell Your Home?

need to sell your home

Need to Sell Your Home?

You may need to sell your home, but there is no real estate sign posted in your yard. If so, you are among thousands of homeowners all over the country who are suffering a loss of income from Covid19-related employment furloughs and layoffs. Some people are working shorter hours or fewer days per week and others have been terminated from their jobs and they are no longer paid employees.

Life appears to be going on as usual for many, but the truth is that it may be a completely different story. On the surface it may look like you are getting by pretty well. Your friends and family may have no idea how the pandemic has devastated your finances. You may be drowning in debt that other people simply cannot see or understand.

You may need to sell your home to get out from under a crushing debt load, and to avoid future mortgage payments, property taxes insurance premiums. Admitting your desperate situation to a real estate agent is as embarrassing as telling your friends and family. It can be humiliating.

Sell to We Pay Fast Confidentially

It is possible to sell your home without calling an agent and listing it for sale on the local real estate market. You can make one call to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to get in touch with a professional homebuyer when you need to sell your home confidentially.

We Pay Fast has a long history of buying homes directly from homeowners like you. If your property works for their portfolio, they will make you an offer over the phone. If you decide to accept their offer, they will email you a purchase agreement to sign and also schedule your real estate closing within a week to ten days from signing.

You pay no closing costs or legal fees when you sell your home to We Pay Fast. It’s quick and easy to call 405-521-1807 when you need to sell your home.