Online Home Sales

Online Home Sales

Online Home Sales

Online home sales are not what many people think. Selling a piece of real estate requires specialized legal documents that must be filed with the county where the property is located, which means local title companies or escrow companies are usually needed to complete the process of any home sale.

A homeowner cannot simply place an ad online and accept money from a buyer the way the owner of a car or truck might sell their vehicle online. Even though cars and trucks require registration and license plates or tags to operate legally out on the roads and highways, obtaining the registration and tags can be accomplished after the exchange of money and delivery of the vehicle. The legal work can happen after the vehicle sale is completed.

The same is not true of an online home sale. Once an interested buyer contacts the homeowner directly or contacts the real estate agent working for the homeowner, then a series of steps must be taken, steps that lead to the official closing day when ownership of the real estate is transferred.

So, finding a buyer for a home by posting photos online and then communicating with curious potential buyers by email and text message can be an effective way for online home sales to begin. But, once again, it is only the beginning of a complete sale and transfer of ownership process.

We Pay Fast Specializes in Online Home Sales

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast specialize in purchasing homes directly from homeowners, without involving licensed agents or brokers in the sale. Sellers may fill out a contact form or use the chat feature online at, or call 405-521-1807, or email to get in touch with the We Pay Fast team of real estate investors.

We Pay Fast offers a fast, cash closing within a week to ten days after a purchase agreement is signed, and they pay all the closings costs of each transaction. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or fill out the contact form for fast, easy online home sales.