Online Methods for Selling My House

Online Methods for Selling My House

I like to place orders online, for fast, easy home delivery of exactly what I need. And I like to sell things online, too. Whether it’s a global platform like Amazon or eBay, or a local platform like craigslist, I can buy and sell things at low or no cost at all. Right now, I’m exploring other online methods for selling my house quickly.

I can’t post my house for sale on Amazon, though that may change in the future. But I need to sell now.

Ebay accepts listings for residential real estate, so I could sell my house there.

Craigslist has a section for homes sold by owner, so I could create a posting to sell my house online there.

Even though houses are listed with photos and details on eBay and craigslist, closing these real estate transactions must occur at a local title company or law office. Buyers and sellers come together online, but the transfer of payment and legal ownership does not happen online. It can only happen offline.

What Can I Do to Sell Online?

Millions of buyers and sellers have found each other online over the last couple decades. Locating a home buyer on the web is only the first step, however. What happens next is not as simple as meeting up in the parking lot or driveway to sell a rocking chair or a used cell phone.

Selling anything that is not real estate is completely different than selling real estate, and the reason is the land. Land and the improvements built on it have a unique status under the laws of every state, and so the transfer of land and improvements must follow specific requirements.

Nobody can sell a house online the same way they would sell store merchandise for shipment by UPS or FedEx. The services of real estate professionals will be required, generally in the county and state where the property is located. It’s not a simple transaction between buyer and seller because legal services are needed.

One Way to Sell Directly to a Buyer

There is one way to sell my house directly to a buyer. I can call an investor, a professional buyer who has the resources and the team of professionals to handle all aspects of closing a home sale. We Pay Fast is available by phone at 405-521-1807, by email at and by online form on  They will pick up the cost of all selling and buying expenses, so there will be no deduction from the cash I receive at closing. is one of the online methods for selling my house, but only as the first place to get started. After our initial contact, we meet by phone to continue discussing our transaction. Then, all the paperwork and legal work will be handled by We Pay Fast in their office.