Pay Off My Debts by Selling My Home

Selling My Home fast

Pay Off My Debts by Selling My Home

It is time for me to pay off my debts by selling my home. The Covid19 pandemic has devastated the economic situation for many families all over the world.  I have finally realized that there is no shame in having to sell my home now. At least I am fortunate to have equity in my property so that I can look forward to receiving that equity in cash at closing.

Without two regular paychecks we are at a loss to pay the taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs of owning a home. Our cash resources are exhausted now, even though we have recently sold our camper, our boat and other equipment we enjoyed when we could afford to go to the lake on vacation.

In some parts of the country, homeowners are able to sell their homes quickly through real estate agents. But listing and waiting for a traditional buyer to purchase our home through an agent takes too long for our needs now.

Selling My Home to We Pay Fast

Selling my home to We Pay Fast can be accomplished in as little as a week to ten days from the day a purchase agreement is signed. We can be packed up and ready to move that fast, so we need a cash buyer who can close our transaction quickly.

We Pay Fast pays cash for homes. They are easy to reach on the phone and by email or web chat. Getting in touch with We Pay Fast is the best way to pay off my debts by selling my home, if it works for their team.

I call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email or chat with the operator at online. All those methods of contacting the investors at We Pay Fast will result in a phone call reply within 24 hours. When we talk on the phone, the investor will ask questions about my home and let me know if they are interested in making me an offer.

If we make an agreement on the phone, the We Pay Fast team will provide a purchase agreement for me to sign by email and our closing can be scheduled within a week to ten days. Contacting We Pay Fast could allow me to pay off my debts by selling my home quickly, which is just what we need now.