Paying Closing Costs to Sell My Home

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Paying Closing Costs to Sell My Home

I am worried about paying closing costs to sell my home. I’ve heard it’s not unusual for the seller to be asked to contribute when the buyer needs some help to qualify for a mortgage. Paying a real estate commission, legal fees and title transfer costs is plenty. I just don’t want to get involved in paying any of the buyers’ closing costs, too.

The various costs associated with closing a home sale can be negotiated along with the initial signing of a purchase agreement. But I just want to avoid all of it, even the costs traditionally charged to the seller. So that’s why I’m exploring the idea of selling my home to an investor instead.

Real estate investors make offers on homes like mine. The costs of closing the sale are figured into the purchase price. In other words, the seller does not have to pay any closing costs when the transaction closes. Since there are no deductions, the check they receive matches the original purchase price.

We Pay Fast Specializes in Paying Closing Costs

The investors at We Pay Fast make offers to sellers in my area, and they pick up all the costs of closing the sale, so each seller receives a check for the full amount of their equity in the home. That sounds easy and fair to me.

I am calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at [email protected] to discuss my home for sale. If the We Pay Fast team is interested in buying my house, they will make me an offer that includes all the closing costs and legal fees. And I will tell them when I’d like to close the transaction, which can be as quickly as a week to ten days from signing our agreement.