Postcard Mailings to Sell My House

best way to sell my house fast

Postcard Mailings to Sell My House

I have a friend who keeps telling me about postcard mailings to sell my house. She says it works for some real estate agents she knows, so maybe it could work for me. I am researching postcard companies and mailing lists now.

Getting color postcards printed is not expensive online, and they arrive in a few days. Local print shops are another option, too. Designing printed materials is not my best skill, but my friend said she’d help me. It looks like putting the postcard together and getting it printed is relatively quick and easy.

But then I’ll need to address the postcards to mail them. How do I know who to send them to? Where do I get the names and the addresses I need to do the postcard mailing? This part is not easy. I have no idea where to begin finding a mailing list for the postcards to sell my house.

What Happens After I Mail Postcards?

There’s a big difference between the skills of a real estate agent and my sales skills. When someone receives a postcard about a house for sale and calls the agent about it, that agent knows exactly what to say and do. Truthfully, I do not. I have no idea what to say to prospective home buyers, even about my own house. I am starting to lose my enthusiasm for the idea of selling my home by owner.

Besides finding a mailing list of people who might be interested in my house, addressing dozens of postcards and paying for postage, I must consider what comes next, when people call me or when nobody calls me. Either way, I don’t really know what do afterwards. Mailing postcards to sell my house is probably not a good plan for me because I’m not prepared for it.

Calling We Pay Fast to Sell My House

The real estate investors at We Pay Fast are buying specialists. They know what they want to buy and they know how to facilitate a fast sale transaction.  Once a purchase agreement is signed by a home seller and by We Pay Fast, they have a legal team to prepare closing documents and to schedule a closing within a week to ten days.

I want a quick easy closing with a cash seller, so I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807. Their email address is Either way, a professional buyer and I will be able to discuss my home for sale.