Posting A Sign To Sell Apartments

Sell Apartments

Posting A Sign To Sell Apartments

Posting a sign to sell apartments might not be a great idea. In theory it seems good. It is not illegal for the apartment building owner to put up a For Sale By Owner sign. Real estate agents routinely post signs with their names and phone numbers, so why wouldn’t it be a great idea for the seller to post a sign like that, too?

yard sign is commonly used by sellers with houses for sale, which is why I am wondering if it would work for me for my apartment building sale. One major concern is posting my phone number for all to see. That does not seem like a smart thing to do these days. Maybe commercial real estate brokers have office numbers they use on their signs. That would be a sensible solution for them, but not for me. I don’t have an office number to post on a sign.

Posting my phone number could accidentally lead to telemarketing or fraud problems. No sane person wants problems like those! If I must post my personal phone number on a sign to sell my apartments by owner, I guess it just does not make sense for me. Finding my own buyer, however, does make sense for me.

Selling My Apartments To We Pay Fast

With one phone call or one email I could be selling my apartments to the expert team at We Pay Fast instead of wrestling with For Sale By Owner issues. They buy residential and commercial properties directly from sellers like me, people who don’t want to list with an agent or sell by owner.

The professional property buyers at We Pay Fast are in the market for more properties in every state. They pay cash and close fast, in as little as two weeks from a signed purchase agreement. They respond to phone calls, emails, and online contact forms within 24 hours, so I won’t be waiting long to hear back from the We Pay Fast team.

Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email instead of posting a sign to sell apartments, homes, or other real estate.