Posting Signs to Sell My House Fast

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Posting Signs to Sell My House Fast

I know that drivers and police officers may not like it, but I might be posting signs to sell my house fast. I often see them posted at busy intersections in our neighborhood. It looks like some of the signs are handmade and some have been printed commercially.

Most of the street signs are the size of a typical real estate yard sign, which makes me wonder if they have recycled real estate signs by painting or printing over the original lettering. I don’t have any leftover real estate signs to recycle, so that means I will have to hunt down the stiff, corrugated, weather-resistant material to make my own signs. Finding some of it may not be easy because I have no idea where to buy it.

Let’s say I locate some of the ideal signage material and purchase it cut-to-size. Then how do I put my message on it? Could I use exterior latex paint? How about a thick, black magic marker for making posters? I will be the first to admit I’m not artistic. Should I ask a crafty, artistic friend to do the lettering for me?

I Could Sell My House Fast to We Pay Fast Instead

Maybe posting signs to sell my house fast is not such a great idea. I don’t know how to make the signs myself, how many I’d need to make, or exactly where to put them up so they will work for me. I am thinking about calling We Pay Fast instead.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who buy home directly from the homeowners, without involving real estate agents or brokers in the transaction. I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and get a phone call back within 24 hours from my voice message or my email. They are real people who have been working with sellers this way for many years.

If the We Pay Fast homebuyers are interested in my home, they will email a purchase agreement for me to sign, and after they sign it we will have an agreement with a closing date within a week to ten days. They also pick up all the closing costs and legal fees to close the transaction.  All I am required to do is move out and receive my home equity money, and I’m eager to do both those things.

Calling We Pay Fast is a lot faster and easier than posting signs to sell my house fast!