Prioritizing Your Home Sale

Home Sale

Prioritizing Your Home Sale

So many things can get in the way of prioritizing your home sale when you’re busy with family, work, vacations and volunteering, among other activities. But the reasons you need to sell are still there, and they are not going away. How can you focus on selling your home fast now?

Getting started with one project generally means stopping or postponing one or more other projects and activities. It might mean canceling a trip or a class you need to take, choosing instead to stay home and get things ready to move. Because, when you sell your home you’ll be moving. And that’s the goal!

Besides shifting your obligations to prioritize all the tasks you need to complete in order to get the house sold, you need to think about who will find a buyer. Will you delegate that important task, or will you take it on yourself?

Many homeowners automatically think the way to sell their home is to list it with a real estate agent. And if they have had experience listing with an agent in the past, they know what’s expected of them as a seller. Agents are paid by commission, which is a percentage of the sales price, so their goal is to sell the home for as much as possible.

Your Goal May Not Be the Same as An Agent’s Goal

Ideally, selling for the highest price the market will bear is in your best interest as the seller, and it is also in the agent’s best interest. You each come out of the transaction with the most money.

But coming out with the most money may not be your primary goal. If time is of the essence for you and moving out is more important than getting top dollar at closing, then your goal for prioritizing your home sale is speed. You want the fastest transaction possible.  You are primarily concerned about how quickly you can find a cash buyer and close the real estate transaction. That’s your real priority.

How to Get to the Closing Table Fast

You don’t need an agent to identify a buyer for your home. You can pick up the phone and call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 and talk to a professional home buyer. Or, email us at [email protected] to discuss selling your home. We pay you cash in as little as a week, with no closing costs and no commissions charged to you. Calling We Pay Fast gives you options when you’re prioritizing your home sale.