Putting Up a Sign to Sell My Home

Sell My Home

Putting Up a Sign to Sell My Home

Of all the things I can do to sell my home, putting up a For Sale sign is the most obvious. It’s a public announcement that all the neighbors will see, as well as anyone passing by on the street or sidewalk. What are the consequences of putting up a For Sale sign, and why do they matter?

One consequence of putting up a sign with my phone number on it is that anyone who sees the sign will see and know the phone number of the owner of the home. For Sale signs include a phone number, and that puts my cell phone number out on public display.

The phone number on the sign is associated with the house where I live. Associating a cell phone number with a person’s residence could create a security risk, since anyone who drives by can see the phone number on the sign. So, one consequence of putting up a sign to sell my home might become a security risk for me.

Possible Consequences of Putting Up a Sign

Besides creating a security risk, other possible consequences of putting up a For Sale sign are prank phone calls and nosy neighbor phone calls. A neighbor calling to find out how much I’m asking for my home may identify herself, or she may not. But curious neighbors want to gossip and that’s how the gossip gets started from a new For Sale sign in the neighborhood. A simple phone call is all it takes.

Although they are not pranksters or nosy neighbors, real estate agents may also call for my asking price and to find out if I’ll pay them a commission if they bring a buyer who makes an offer I accept. This is a common practice with licensed agents. They want to be able to show their buyers all the houses for sale in an area, and they’d like to form a relationship with me in case I decide to list my home with a real estate agent eventually.

So, the consequences of putting up a sign to sell my home may not bring me a qualified buyer at all, even though I begin to receive numerous phone calls.

Avoid Annoying Phone Calls Entirely

Instead of putting up a For Sale sign and attracting annoying phone calls, I can make one phone call to We Pay Fast to secure a buyer for my property. Professional buyers make it easy to sell my home without the hassle of putting up a sign, holding open houses or leaving home for real estate agents’ private showings.

I can get my money and move out in as little as week by contacting We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing info@wepayfast.com  And I pay no commission, closing costs or legal fees because We Pay Fast takes care of them all.