Quietly Selling My Home Alone

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Quietly Selling My Home Alone

I am quietly selling my home alone because the divisive social and political climate in the world is showing up in my neighborhood. My neighbors have strong opinions about how everyone should live, which of course includes me. And they have strong opinions about what kind of neighbors they would prefer to have living nearby.

Putting up a yard sign and welcoming strangers into my home for an Open House, which are the most common methods for advertising homes for sale, are not possible in my neighborhood. A sign would disappear, and an Open House would be a perfect opportunity for troublemakers to come and cause problems for me and my family. We would not be safe in our own home with the doors unlocked and open to everyone.

Reaching out to potential home buyers on my own, without any online posting or offline ads, is the best way for me to find a buyer without stirring up any trouble. I’m quietly making phone calls and speaking to people who invest in real estate as a business. They buy and sell residential real estate regularly, to resell and to keep as rental property.

We Pay Fast Invests in Residential Properties

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast are just the kind of people I need right now. I can reach out to them by phone at 405-521-1807 or by email at info@wepayfast.com and talk about my home for sale. They are not concerned about the political issues within my neighborhood. If my home interests them, we could have a signed purchase agreement within a couple days and a closing scheduled within a week to ten days from signing.

My family is very motivated to move away from our present situation, which the buyers at We Pay Fast understand. They work with many sellers who are motivated to sell for a variety of reasons. So, I’m looking forward to speaking to them and quietly selling my home soon.