Quietly Selling My House Fast

Selling My House Fast

Quietly Selling My House Fast

Now I am quietly selling my house fast because my real estate agent did not bring me a buyer. I am not blaming her for the lack of a home sale because my house needs a lot of work. That is a simple fact. My agent and I discussed the fact that my property is a fixer-upper, like the ones the famous house flippers remodel on cable TV.

She agreed to list my house for three months to see if there might be a local buyer looking for a remodeling project. Nobody made an offer, so my listing agreement with my agent expired. That means I can sell my property on my own without paying a real estate commission.

I considered posting my house on craigslist.org and other online “for sale by owner” listing sites. When I see how much work is involved, I cringe. I am not good at taking interior photos because it is too much work to arrange the rooms perfectly for the photos. It just takes too long. And I am not good at coming up with the words to describe my home either. Writing descriptions is just too hard for me.

Selling My House to We Pay Fast

That is why I made a decision to call We Pay Fast, a team of professional real estate investors. They are not agents or brokers. They purchase property directly from homeowners like me, without an agent or broker involved in the sale. They provide the legal paperwork to get the sale started and to close the sale. We Pay Fast investors are the perfect buyers for my home!

I called We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 and left a voice message. They called me back within a few hours and we discussed my home for sale, the remodeling it will require, and when I would like to close a sale transaction. I was thrilled to receive an offer over the phone during our conversation!

Now I can expect to receive my home equity in cash at our closing next week, with no deductions for closing costs. We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs on every purchase of property from homeowners. I’m quietly selling my house fast to We Pay Fast, and you can, too. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com to speak to a We Pay Fast investor.