Reduce the Price to Sell My House

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Reduce the Price to Sell My House

I am facing a big decision as a result of the Covid-19 economy – should I reduce the price to sell my house? Apparently, some housing markets are still going strong, but current statistics reflect sales in progress before quarantine and social distancing were required.

Many sellers don’t want strangers going through their homes in person, and many buyers have been temporarily or permanently laid off from their jobs. Those two facts represent a deadly combination for home sales all across the country right now. Buyers are not looking at houses and many cannot qualify for mortgages anyway.

The forecast for home sales in the remaining months of 2020 is discouraging, so I am giving consideration to all my options for selling my home in spite of the current and future economic conditions. Reducing my asking price is one of my best options, but I still need a qualified buyer.

Professional Buyers are Qualified Buyers

I have known about real estate investors who buy and resell homes for a profit or keep them as rental property. Real estate is a good investment for entrepreneurs who are comfortable taking risks and managing the properties and the people, the tenants living in the properties. Taking risks with my money or other people’s money is not comfortable for me, and I don’t want to manage properties or tenants either.

That’s why I have come to the conclusion that selling my house to someone who is comfortable and experienced with real estate investments may be my best option in the Covid-19 marketplace. However, what my home is worth to a traditional buyer who must borrow money to buy it and what my home is worth to a real estate investor with cash in hand are not likely to match up. Meaning, professional buyers are looking at my house as business inventory, not as their personal homestead, and they want a good deal.

The bottom line for me is getting my house sold now. I may not realize as much profit by selling to a professional buyer such as We Pay Fast, but a good deal for me right now is simply getting it sold. If I reduce the price to sell my house and get it sold, I win. I will have accomplished my goal.

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