Remodel My Kitchen or Sell My Home

Sell My Home

Remodel My Kitchen or Sell My Home

It’s one or the other… I’ll have to remodel my kitchen or sell my home because it feels like I’m living in the past right now. Maybe it wouldn’t bother another person as much as it bothers me, but all the Golden Oak-stained wooden cabinets look like a kitchen my mother and my grandmother would love. But I need something much lighter in color. I want an updated look and feel in my kitchen.  

Golden Oak was the favorite color of kitchen cabinetry and furniture in the 1980s, and before that period it enjoyed great popularity about a hundred years earlier, from 1880 to 1920. Antique stores and thrift shops offer plenty of oak furniture from both periods.

Not being fond of antique or vintage furniture, I am dreaming of bright white cabinets instead. A fresh, new look in my kitchen is my deepest desire. Otherwise, I just want to sell my home and get one with a modern-looking kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling is Expensive

I’ve talked to several homeowners who made the decision to invest in kitchen updates.  They believe spending fifteen to fifty thousand dollars on upgrading their kitchens will not only bring them pleasure but it will also turn out to be a good investment when the time comes to sell their home.

Contractors specializing in custom kitchen remodels are more than happy to help plan, budget and carry out the remodeling work on their customers’ schedules. Kitchen remodels are a big, profitable business in most cities, so it’s not hard to hire help to get the kitchen of my dreams.  Sell my House Fast for Cash

What’s hard for me is making the decision to invest more money in my home when I don’t know how long I’ll be living in it. Even with the best of intentions we don’t know for sure how long we’ll be in our home whenever we buy it or remodel it. I don’t want to make a significant investment in the property if buying another house is a better idea.

Selling My House Instead of Remodeling

I’m seriously thinking about selling my home now instead of remodeling the kitchen. The buyers at We Pay Fast will pay me cash at closing, all within a week or so. That’s sounds good to me because I won’t have to wait for a buyer to qualify for financing, and I won’t have to pay any commissions, closing costs or legal fees. We Pay Fast can be reached online, or by phone at 405-521-1807 and by email at With my cash I can buy or rent another house with a kitchen I love.