Remodeling A Commercial Property For ADA Compliance

Remodeling A Commercial Property For ADA Compliance

Remodeling A Commercial Property For ADA Compliance

Many real estate owners are faced with remodeling a commercial property for ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act) and do not want to pay high remodeling costs. The Federal government provides guidelines for small businesses required to accommodate wheelchair users and blind and deaf people, for example. Here is an excerpt from ADA Update: A Primer for Small Business (2010)

“Businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called “public accommodations” in the ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations, which include stores, restaurants, bars, service establishments, theaters, hotels, recreational facilities, private museums and schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, shopping malls, and other businesses. Nearly all types of businesses that serve the public are included in the 12 categories, regardless of the size of the business or the age of their buildings…

“The ADA also requires businesses to remove architectural barriers in existing buildings and make sure that newly built or altered facilities are constructed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. “Grandfather provisions” often found in local building codes do not exempt businesses from their obligations under the ADA.”

Estimating the cost of ADA-required remodeling projects is critical, and not only affects doorways (alternative to steps) and bathroom access, but also dressing rooms, refrigerated coolers and checkout counters, among many other situations.  

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